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How did that happen? I don’t even know. But until December 30th, 2016 I have that shiny red membership card for sephora makeover before and after. There is a bit of debate if it is really worth it, with perks being very similar to basic VIB status. I haven’t seen any of the “exclusive rouge events”. Or “special gifts” but it’s pretty cool that there are some products. That is only available to VIB Rouge members and free shipping on all online purchases.

The VIB Rouge welcome package included a Nars mini blush in the color ‘ Goulue ‘ and a voucher for a friend to get a free makeover, I believe it was called “A Taste of the Rouge Life.”

The shop is amazing— a gigantic floor of all the product aisles, and then a beauty studio upstairs. I certainly suggest that you call the shop to book, particularly if you want someone else to go with you. It took Erica and I to book online for nearly two hours before we gave up and I phoned the shop, which lasted less than five minutes. Learned from the lesson.

What I Learned at My Sephora Mini Makeover

My makeup odds and finishes hodgepodge lastly became too much for me to sort through. My eyeliner had been down to a pencil stub. I used only a sample basis that was neither my color nor a skin-friendly coverage. This eye shadow trio was running its course formally around 2012.

sephora makeover before and afterFinally, was no longer able to hold off. required fresh makeup, and wanted something good for my skin. With those objectives in mind, at my local Sephora, booked 45-minute makeover.

They give 45-minute sessions where they do everything from cleanser to finishing powder as long as you buy at least $50. Knowing was sure to spend that, signed up eagerly, then came to the mall at 10:40 totally barefaced and willing to know.

It was cleaning first up. I honestly didn’t expect to enjoy this part as much as I did. Candice asked when the last time I exfoliated was and I just started laughing. Before we even looked at makeup, we used these products. As a subtle rose petal, the Rose Stem Cell Cleanser smelled good. Next was the exfoliate of Kate Somerville.

remove dead skin cells

As softly massaged it into my skin for 30 seconds, could feel good grains in it. Ideally, should do this twice week to remove dead skin cells, Candice described.

After that, my skin felt quite refreshed, but after the Rose Stem Cell Gel Mask, felt totally glowing. She used both Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair Cream (the scent is beautiful again!) and Radiance Serum from there.

They seemed to work as my skin felt totally refreshed and rejuvenated. I really enjoyed the products they chose. However, in the near future, I’m going to discuss skin care with a dermatologist, so I wanted to wait to speak to them before I committed to any skin care goods.

Next up Candice used a high-tech camera in separate fields to take 3 photos of my face. Sephora then used its magic make-up to create the ideal make-up color for my face. From there you can choose what kind of coverage you want, w

hat ingredients are important for you to have or not have, brand, skin type, formulation, etc, etc, etc.

Bite Lipstick in Rhubard

Since I never wear lipstick, I felt courageous and courageous when I saw it on my face. It took some to get used to it, but I feel like lipstick is the thing that my routine missed that makes a large difference. I really enjoyed falling color and felt it compliments my coloring.

It was precisely what I looked like after- a day-to-day look that I could pull out pretty fast that would make me feel more pulled together and grown up, with advice on how to pump stuff up for unique occasions a little more.

sephora makeover before and afterI felt pampered and really felt like I could ask a lot of questions and get some excellent data and advice. Though I still won’t be fully “done up” every day, it feels good to have some quality products in my arsenal that are ready to go.

Oh! One funny thing I should add. I really need to do a lash before and after so you can see the awesomeness of this mascara!

I’m excited to be with these products in the fall season and our upcoming family images and. I’m excited to know more about skin care with my dermatologist shortly. In the kid’s years. It’s simple to lose a little bit of yourself and a little pampering and TLC can create a big difference now and then!

Mascara! I use Maybelline Full N Soft waterproof. I’ve used it for over a decade, and though I venture out and try new things. I always come back to it. My eyelashes are completely blonde, and I just don’t leave the house without mascara.

Some thoughts on my 45-minute custom makeover at Sephora Robson St (Vancouver)

Hi MUACanada! I believed I’d write some fast ideas about Sephora’s makeover that I got today, which was free as I later became a VIB. Hopefully, this will help someone in the future who decides whether or not to make their makeup here!

sephora makeover before and afterAn hour before my appointment, they gave me a phone call and I requested them on the phone how soon I should arrive; the worker on the phone said it was a nice time 15 minutes in advance.

Not at the upper level that I thought was a dedicated floor for machining services.

Or if Sephora Robson’s upper level is still in use. But that’s how it was. Even though we were (so to speak) in the middle of the action. I never really noticed the presence of other customers, so it was all great.

I told her I primarily wanted to learn an eye look because my eyeshadow skills were still pretty amateur. And specifically, an eye look that was suitable for a job interview. But could transition into a more dramatic ‘night’ look.



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