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The weddings usually have so many distinct tasks to celebrate in pakistani makeup base, including mayon, mehndi, barat and walima, etc. The Pakistani bride looks totally different every day, and so does her makeup. Where, Pakistani brides prefer a more natural look that mayon and mehndi features are desirable. The bride is anticipated to wear a heavy look on the Barat day and a smooth look for the function of Walima. So, here’s the Best Pakistani Bridal Makeup Tutorial With Steps that will guide you for your big day to produce an excellent bridal look.

Make a Perfect pakistani makeup base

healthy foundation is long lasting and flawless makeup guarantee. The makeup should be performed according to the demands as the brides have to attend lengthy hours function.

Begin with primer. It will seal the pores that are open and regulate the output of oil. Now add lightweight concealer and one tone lighter than the color of the skin. It will conceal all of your skin’s marks and spots and also your eyes’ dark circles.

pakistani makeup baseApply loose water foundation after the concealer that should precisely match the color of the skin. The amount of the base should be such that it creates the natural look. After that, to get completed base look, loose powder or compact could be applied.



Masarrat Misbah Silk Foundation

Oh, this beauty item in Pakistan is must for pakistani makeup base artists. Last year, Masarrat Misbah, well known figure in the fashion industry, introduced her cosmetics line and this basis was in demand before it even branched out.

And now understand why. It’s better than the foundations of the L’oreal True Match and the Maybelline Fit Me and is actually wonderful dupe for the much coveted Luminous Silk Foundation of Giorgio Armani.

The shade variety is suitable for all Asian skin tones and pays attention to dilemmas of South Asian skin, such as humidity. It’s out of stock almost always because we enjoy it so much! Could be the Kylie Lipkit of Pakistan as well!

Considering how oily my face is (you could fry an egg on it), it stayed all day on my face, it gave me natural finish and it didn’t make me look like an oil field. That’s victory, people.

Base for Summer pakistani makeup base

It is not as simple in the warm summer season to keep or even apply the Foundation or Base. In the summer season, you may feel uneasy or heavy to apply foundations to your skin.

Depending on your skin type, complexion, occasion and character, selecting a ideal foundation is no less an art. After selecting the correct basis according to all of these parameters, applying it is another technique task.

The light and new care must be idealized for the implementation of a correct foundation; which is difficult to obtain but not impossible. Before applying the summer make-up, an ice cube message on your face can help you maintain your base for a long time.

A nice colored moisturizer will offer a better look at the beginning of your make-up, apply with a wet sponge. To have a balanced basis, it’s nice to add a little concealer under your eye part.

Always give your base time to set, and then apply after while the rest of the make-up this will offer strong base to your make-up.

Luscious Brow Luxe Tinted Brow Gel

found out the distinction created by unruly eyebrows only lately. And how readily they can create or break face (and mean break! like, if not done right, they can look like dents).

also realized that, and not only have never paid attention to them before, it shouldn’t take long to add brows steps in my daily routine. That’s what this brow tint is all about, and Anastasia Beverly can quickly run for her cash.

pakistani makeup baseToday, during their 30% off offer, I will share the last item from my Luscious haul. It’s called the shade medium Brow Luxe Tinted Brow Gel. I’ve only tried Essence before making me brow gel as you don’t need brow wax while using brow pomade or wax pencils.

Essence brow gel is pretty nice and I have no problem with it so far, but only the absence of choice of shades. Also, Luscious doesn’t give many colors and I selected medium shade to match my brows with my light brown hair color. Let me inform you this item in detail.

The shade medium is dark brown color that is lighter than our usual dark eyebrows, but as I said previously, I wanted shade that could complement my brown mocha hair.

Depending on your needs, you can choose the dark or light shade. If you only want to tame unruly eyebrows, you can simply apply this brow gel without a product like brow powder or pencil underneath. On the other side, after applying brow powder or pencil, if you need to fill the gaps, use it. It’s better not to use other products once you use brow gel.

Atiqa Odho Blushes

Ah, Pakistan’s first cosmetics celebrity line, how can we miss you? Well, their beautiful blushes ‘ color range is enormous from the brightest pink to gold highlighter.

And in those small containers they pack lot of pigmentation, so not only does little go long way, but it also lasts long time. used to enjoy the blushes of Sleek, but for those, these are hard competition.

Blush on is the key when it comes to any cosmetic products, bearing this in mind, Atiqa Odho Blushons focuses on their customers ‘ long-lasting and desired look & feel at the same moment.

It is possible to apply Atiqa Odho Blushons anywhere on the face and add some color to the eyelids. Color & implementation time is best because both the proprietor and the consumer are well aware of Pakistan’s climate situation.

Blush immediately provides your face freshness and makes you look younger and more graceful. My hands have recently been on the blush pallet of Atiqa Odho.

Atiqa Odho makeup products

Atiqa Odho makeup products are of excellent quality and designed specifically for the skin tones of Pakistan. They are free of fats from animals, therefore, halal. The blush pallet Atiqa Odho will make you blush like bird of love. It brings color to your face and increases the radiance of dull skin.

Although ODHO Cosmetics was on the market for years by known Pakistani actress Atiqa Odho, lately had the opportunity to genuinely use it and review it. I’ve had some delicious blushes, but they’re worth try?

The first thing I noticed about these blushes was the adorable names provided to them by the birds. That is quite creative and that is something I enjoy. The packaging, though, is very fragile.

You don’t really understand what to think when you first look at the blushes. It’s a little too flashy in terms of design, material as well as color selection. It would make the real product stand out if it were more diffused.

Sweet Touch Twin Cake Face Powder

Didn’t you expect that? haven’t done either for the longest moment. was very ‘ meh ‘ towards Sweet Touch until my friend raved about this, there was nothing in their spectrum that stood out to me as such.

pakistani makeup baseTheir facial products are nice, though. And in this humid nation, this powder is what you need. It keeps you looking matt and fresh. Offering drugstore products overseas like Nyx is better than most translucent powders.

It’s perfect for touch ups the powder blends in and matches your skin tone so you don’t look like powdery cakey.

Keep this Sweet Touch Twin Cake convenient for moments your skin feels oily and unclear. This twin cake face powder provides you soft, radiant skin with a smooth matte finish. Icing on the cake?

It never cakes up on your skin and its smooth mineral powder keeps your pores open so there’s no buildup of harmful substances. Matte-finish twin cake gives smooth and radiant skin. Make sure you never walk out of the house without this twin cake in your purse!

All right, let’s get back to the powder face. Even if I go shopping for food or a random Chai trip, face powder is something I would always wear. I used a few other brands, but because it’s light to medium coverage, I maintain purchasing Sweet Touch’s Twin Cake.

It provides a really nice medium coverage when used with a base. It provides me light coverage if I use it with a BB cream or a standard moisturizing cream. That’s why I really like this face powder. I prefer my natural look more than the cakey one.


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