Most expensive makeup brands

When it comes to making up, quality matters. The price could increase to improve the quality, and here the expensive and luxurious appears. This paper is all about the most expensive brands of makeup. There’s a lot of costly makeup products on the market, but are they all worth it, or are they? I don’t think so! Here are some of the most expensive makeup brands that mixed the quality and cost of their goods:


The most costly makeup brand Chanel was discovered by the French business Coco Chanel. It was established in 1909. Chanel was renowned for its luxurious and high-quality products. It’s one of the expensive brands in the world because of its exclusive and elite range of products.

It provides a high–end range of products including bags, shoes, fashion accessories and makeup products. Chanel offers a high quality and exclusive elegance contrary to all others. This brand charges a massive cost of its products for their unique and elite product quality that makes it the most expensive.

Mary Kay

Mary Kay is Texas ‘ top makeup brand. This brand is one of the world’s biggest direct selling firms. It has its own well-trained advisors and make-up artists who are also working as marketing agents. For its trainers, it spends a lot. This brand offers recent trends in beauty tips and makeup.

For its quality in skincare and makeup products, Mary Kay is a trusted worldwide name. The products are technology-oriented, and it guarantees that clients and their expectations meet the level of their products. It offers great quality in its goods.

L’Oreal PARiS

This French business is one of the world’s most popular products. This brand has a certain product range that can satisfy any women’s requirement. It is one of the biggest cosmetic businesses that have a complete variety of products for makeup and skincare such as hair care, skincare, hair color, perfume, etc.

To expand its products, it also has dermatology, toxicology study areas. This company has 72.640 employees who are working day-night to provide our women with the best quality product. And it is mentioned as one of the costly make-up brands to maintain its uniqueness.


MAC was established in Toronto by Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo. Make-up performers around the world are particularly designing and using this brand for its enormous product range. For its quality products and exclusive variety of skin care, it is mostly popular, which also provides the alternative to skin issues.

It provides different types of lipstick, lip-gloss, all types of foundation, stage makeup and all types of eye makeups that makes this brand most aspirational and provides new appearance to women. Instead of its expensiveness, a reliability of its products is the vital key for them to achieve success.

Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder offers high-end products for skincare and makeup. Also recognized as the mom of some well-known business such as MAC, Smashbox. This American brand provides a broad range of goods for makeup, fragrances, and skincare and hair care. It is the first firm to introduce goods for men’s care.

Over the past few years, this firm has extended its business in many nations and has received assistance from many celebrities. This brand’s lipsticks and eye maquillages are most common. It offers products from all over the globe with a quality that makes it high and costly.


Since 1968, this skincare and cosmetic color brand have been another costly brand. This company is spread throughout the world for its quality and products. It provides a sophisticated technology for more unique and creative skincare and skin problem-solving the solution.

Science and nutrition are based on this brand. They create Mediterranean fruit products to produce quality products, and as a result, it becomes costly on its terms. The brand of artistry is recognized by the Access Business group in 108 nations. It is predominantly popular for high-cost skincare products.

Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden is a cosmetic firm established by Elizabeth Arden, one of the first females to appear in Time magazine’s cover picture. This business is becoming bigger in 1910 by providing American females with goods. This brand offers various beauty products, but the lipstick and mascara are more common.

most expensive makeup brandsThis brand provides a wide variety of luxurious and quality-famous makeup goods. To make women more beautiful and confident they make innovative products for skincare. In order to get flawless skin, women love this product since World War 1.


In 1967, this Swedish firm was founded. Oriflame is the best direct selling company and popular with its products for the use of pure ingredients. With quality products, it has always attempted to satisfy its customers ‘ expectations.

This brand utilizes better technology as needed by clients for innovative products. It has nearly $1.5 billion in annual sales. Their quality and distribution in various nations make them worthy of the cost. It enables to have good skin without leaving any bad impact and provides amazing looks with perfection.


Nu skin brand was launched in 1984 and is renowned around the globe for its distinctive products. It is renowned for its anti-aging products that contain tons of antioxidants, making it more desirable for females around the globe who love to look amazing at all ages. Most of this brand’s skin goods are fragrance-free and also provide sun protection.

It directly sells products in over 53 countries. It concentrates on the ingredients of its products of skincare to meet the need of the customers. Its net income is $221.645 per year to maintain its position. It has earned such popularity among the women for not having any harmful side effect.


In the world’s top makeup brands, Smashbox comes in No. 10. Most of the world’s top models use it for picture shoots. It offers various shades in its range of makeups. In the western countries, it is common. In their products they have unique oil that makes their product so costly.

It also offers products for oil-free makeup and skin care to have a clear skin that females desire for years. Its perfect finish makes it more satisfactory. Women love this brand mostly for the quality.

Kjaer Weis

Simple, real, lovely, but the way you describe Kjaer Weis is one of the most costly makeup products. The business has a rigorous policy of no compromise on quality, even though the reason for such heavy tagging is to increase product prices a bit.

Kjaer Weis is a cosmetic brand introduced in 2010 by the same-name Danish-born artist. She decided to do something else as she was comparatively new in the sector. CCPB certifies all its products organic, offering the brand the validity and authenticity to be organic.

Make-up items made from natural ingredients and organic products ensure skin security. Due to the high norms of its goods, the firm has been able to obtain critical acclaim. Special attention has been paid to packaging and products are packaged for long-lasting purposes in luxurious metallic compacts.


Makeup can certainly be costly, but knowing when it’s worth it for you is the trick. Love your mouthpiece? It might be worth saving on the eye shadow and splurging in your favourite color on a $37 Chanel lipstick.

If you’re an eye makeup individual, your name may be called by a MAC $18 Dazzleshadow. Whatever you purchase, we hope you will enjoy it as much as you believe you will!


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