Makeup brand names list

Makeup brand names list, offering quality and reliability for both men and females. By expanding the differentiation between the usual skin tone and facial elements, beauty care products make you look more beautiful and youthful.

Cosmetics products are really the magnificent items from just a lip liner to establishment, fragrances, antiperspirants, creams of excellence, hair splashes and much more.

1. M.A.C

In 1984, M.A.C joined the Toronto makeup scene and has been a component of Estee-Lauder Companies since 1998. The firm initially only produced products for makeup artists and models, but it gradually turned from a niche brand into one of the largest brands in the world to exist. Becuase of its popularity it is #1 in makeup brand names list.

With projects such as Cruelty-Free Beauty and Back to M.A.C Recycling, M.A.C is also one of the most socially aware products. Since 1994, with its sale of products under the ‘ Viva Glam ‘ spectrum, it has raised over $86 million towards charity.

2. L’Oreal

L’Oreal is one of the world’s most prestigious drugstore products. Established in 1909, this French cosmetic company is the world’s largest with headquarters in Clichy. It was also appointed more than once as one of the most ethical businesses in the world. It specializes in skin care, hair care, and perfume, in addition to makeup. Becuase of its popularity it is #2 in makeup brand names list.

3. Lakmé

Hindustan Unilever owns Lakmé and is our nation’s top-ranking makeup brand. It was established in 1952 because Jawaharlal Nehru, Prime Minister, was concerned about females paying for cosmetics foreign exchange. JRD Tata has agreed to produce these products locally. Tata sold off his stake to HUL later, and from there the business grew quickly.

This business is Lakmé Fashion Week’s title sponsor. It provides a broad variety of products, and the average Indian woman’s fundamental line is within reach. Because it continues to innovate, it now has fresh lines like Absolute and 9 to 5 that offer premium high-end products.

4. Maybelline

Maybelline is one of the world’s most famous makeup products and a L’Oreal subsidiary. The interesting thing about it is that a 19-year-old entrepreneur, Thomas Lyle Williams, began it back in 1915 when he saw his sister for her eyebrows using Vaseline, coal, and ash. The headquarters of the century-old company is in New York, and its quality and innovative products are acknowledged all over the globe.

5. NYX

The success tale of NYX is quite amazing. This brand of makeup was established in a small 600 square feet apartment in California by 25-year-old Toni Ko, all thanks to a loan she took from her parents. It had a rather modest start and was named after Nyx, the night’s Greek goddess. L’Oreal took over the business in 2014 when Toni chose to sell it for a whopping 500 million dollars.

NYX has a whole host of interesting goods including lip creams, eyeliners, foundations, and other essential ingredients.

6. Bobbi Brown

Finally in India, Bobbi Brown is accessible, and we’re filled with awe! Make-up artist-turned-entrepreneur Bobbi Brown established this famous worldwide beauty brand in 1991. Due to its huge achievement, Estee Lauder took over the business in 1995.

This luxury brand provides the highest value for makeup. An interesting fact about it is that its Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner sells more units worldwide than any other Bobbi Brown item, selling two per minute!

7. Colorbar

Colorbar is one of the top makeup products in India. Its installations, launched in 2005, are distributed throughout India, France, Germany, Italy, Greece and the Middle East. It has a large collection of lip, eye, nail and skin makeup. This brand has won several awards for its innovative products, such as Retailer of the Year Award, 2017 and the Femina Beauty Award for its primer and nail polish.

8. L.A. Girl

L.A. Founded in 1985, Girl has a powerful ethos–premium value, trendy and innovative beauty goods! Due to its wonderful concealer range and makeup setting spray, the brand is trending tough out here. This is a brand that meets everyone’s requirements. Whether you’re a makeup pro or an inspired novice –for everyone there’s something.

9. Avon

Avon can be found in more than 100 nations. It provides a range of makeup products and a whole host of fragrances, skin care and products for hair care. Established in 1886, this groundbreaking brand has resulted the sector for a while now with its award-winning breakthrough products.

10. The Body Shop

makeup brand names list

One dictum swears the Body Shop: nature-inspired beauty. Established in 1976, this England-based brand. It presently has a variety of more than 1000 products and sells in more than 66 nations across 3,000 franchised shops worldwide. Its products are free from cruelty and are not tested on livestock.

11. Clinique

Would you like an incredibly soft makeup on your skin? Clinique is here for your rescue if you have super-sensitive or rough skin. It is one of the biggest skin care and cosmetic brands in the world, and its stores are spread across 135 countries all over the world. It is a Estee Lauder subsidiary and was established in 1968.

If you are confused about what to get, Clinique takes the initiative to give you free and personalized consultation across all its stores. They also do this online on their website. Isn’t that awesome?

12. Revlon

I’m sure you own at least one or two Revlon products if you’re in makeup–one of India’s most famous makeup brands. It has a wide variety of makeup products, products for personal care, and fragrances. Founded in 1932, this U.S.-based firm has a reputation as the trendsetters in the makeup globe.

13. PAC

If you want skilled make-up at a very inexpensive cost, attempt PAC! PAC focuses on experts in the field of makeup and their distinctive needs. It has some distinctive products that are difficult to discover in other brands. It began in 2002 and its products are not being tested on livestock and free from any heavy metals.

14. Makeup Revolution

Makeup Revolution seeks to offer professional makeup at an inexpensive cost, making it available to all. It also occurs to be cruel-free, and pets are not tested for any of its products. It has a wide range of palettes of eyes and lips, kits of contours, and palettes of concealers. Launched in 2014, its goods have taken the world by storm, and despite its low rates, quality has not been reduced by the brand in any way.

15. theBalm Cosmetics

Balm Cosmetics is renowned for its creative and quirky packaging products. The brand began in 2004 and has grown quickly to become a tremendous success. It provides a variety of makeup products that feel very exclusive and premium to use, such as bronzers, highlighters, and powders. All paraben-free and cruel products are free of paraben.

16. Estee Lauder

Since 1946, Estee Lauder has enhanced the beauty of women and is now one of the most known cosmetics businesses in the world. Products of the brand that include makeup, skin care, and fragrance are innovative, technologically sophisticated, and proven to be efficient.

17. Guerlain

Guerlain has been exploring, innovating and improving since its inception in 1828. This Parisian brand provides some of the finest beauty products on the market, whether it’s makeup, skin care or fragrance.

18. NARS

NARS was created with the intention of empowering women to experiment and have fun with makeup. Today, the brand still maintains this mission and prides itself on teaching ladies how to enhance their natural beauty and individual characteristics.

19. Clarins

Amongst the many reasons to get to know Clarins as a makeup brand is the brand’s values and passion. While other businesses are sometimes just in the industry to make money, Clarins really cares about delivering premium beauty to women everywhere.


SHISEIDO has shared its understanding and idea of beauty with the globe for over 140 years. Today, thanks to its top goods, cutting-edge R&D and unwavering dedication, the brand has a dedicated army of supporters.


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